We are thankful to God for calling RCC to service, and giving us our assignment in the inner city of West Jackson, Mississippi.  We consider it a joy and a privilege to have been given a clear mandate to serve the people of this area, because we know that He will provide everything we need.  


We highly value every human soul.  We believe that the transforming power of God’s love and grace is at work in bringing freedom to individuals, families, and ultimately to the entire community.  We are simply excited to be a part of His work!   We understand that in addition to our prayerful intercession, we must also do the work of serving and meeting the tangible needs of people.  Therefore, we have  established various outreach efforts to the community to include:

Clothing Closet – where clothes are distributed to those in need.  This happens on Sundays immediately after service. We have clothing for the entire family (children, women and men).  All clothes have been washed, ironed and/or dry cleaned for your convenience.

Food Pantry – We supplement food to families who are running short between paydays. These resources are limited and are distributed on a first come first serve basis.  This support is given after church service on Sundays.  (We do not give away meats or dairy.)  We do not have the means to store them.


Distressed (Unsightly) Properties - We purchased a distressed property in the vicinity of our church with the intent of contributing to the improvement of the appearance in the community.  The distressed property has been torn down and we plan to asphalt it for additional parking as our church is growing,  and to set up basketball goals for the community's youth to enjoy.


Organic Garden –  We have planted a church based organic garden to provide clean vegetables for our consumption.  Our garden is planted and managed without the use of pesticides or commercial fertilizers.  We hope to expand this venture for the entire community's participation as more gardening space is developed.


Financial Freedom-  We desire to see the spirit of poverty broken from the lives of people at RCC and our community at large.  Therefore, in addition to praying and believing for God’s financial provisions, we teach practical and biblical aspects of work responsibility, financial management,  and fiscal discipline with the resources and opportunities that God provides.

RCC seeks to minister to the whole person at every level of their need.  With the understanding that our           world view, motivation, and approach to service must be aligned with God's word before we can truly offer transforming help to people.