About Our Pastor

Joseph White is pastor of Restoration Community Church in Jackson, MS. He has been actively involved in various aspects of leadership in ministry for decades. He received training in ministry at the Faith Bible Institute in Jackson, MS.  He was licensed in ministry during the 1990’s, and was later ordained.

In 2011, he started a weekly bible study which evolved into the founding and pastoring of Restoration Community Church (RCC).  Restoration is a nondenominational, Spirit-filled, and Christ-centered church that encourages people to embrace God's imperative to be “doers of the Word of God”. He believes that we experience the power of God when we act on His word.

He is also a practicing physician who brings an ingrained care and compassion to his pastoral calling.  His ministry emphasis is in leading people into a life of liberty and wholeness which is found in Christ. He and his wife Alice lead by example; they are more interested in serving people than being served. His desire and work is to help people come into a real relationship with  Christ and find joy and wholeness  in every area of their lives: spirit, soul, and body.


His wife Alice is also passionate in her work of the ministry. She has been his sweetheart since high school. They are the proud parents of 2 adult children and 6 grandchildren.